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Do you think Motivational Quotes change attitude?
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How Motivational Quotes change your attitude

There are some people out there who think that motivational words are great coming from philosophers, but that's because they are not in the real world which is definitely not true.  Abraham Lincoln was certainly in the "real world." So was Henry Ford. Napoleon Hill, Anthony Robbins, John Kehoe, and so the list goes on.

Motivational Quotes

The power of words can be a great aid to help us stay motivated and focused and being motivated is essential for successfully achieving our goals.

For most of us, the words we read have little impact on us and our lives, and especially in the setting of our goals. Here I hope to offer another way to look at words, and hopefully give the value of what the words can mean with our goals and our lives.

The enormous amount of motivational material available in books, forums and motivational quotes sites can help to develop a positive attitude to life. But it's not reading them as a novel or short story, that is, reading it once, and then never returning to the material.

Motivational Quotes

When we use the concept known as spaced repetition, which is the reading of material repeatedly, but with breaks. This is how the words, and in particular motivational words become a powerful aid to get inspiration in life to face the challenges. This has an exceptional effect on our subconscious mind and also works well with learning new material.

To use an example, consider the following motivational quote: "If you do not like something, change it. If you cannot change it, change the way you think about it.” Consider how these words can help us to develop a positive attitude, and as a result make us more content.

"If you do not like something, change it."

An Example, you're in a job which absolutely drains you mentally, and emotionally? Have you seriously looked at changing jobs? And the key word here is "seriously". Do you really investigate all your options? Do you consider dropping in salary (short term), but have work which encourages you? Do we make a concerted effort to seek other positions?

Motivational Quotes

Now for the second part. "If you cannot change it, change the way you think of it."

Do you have control over the price of gasoline? Do you have control over getting a flat tire? There is no way in the world we can change these occurrences. So why do you allow outside influences make you harm? Accept the things in which you have no control and your attitude is going to change proportionally.

Motivational quotes can be of real value to you if you use them correctly. Give it a try, and see the effect it has on your attitude.